Monday, March 26, 2018

Ill-Gotten Credit Card Information Is Reason To Retain Santosh Devaraj For Cyber Security

While we can’t compare the digital frontier to the Wild West, there are undoubtedly actors out there trying to operate in a realm of lawlessness. With a wealth of data sitting online that could easily be scooped up and sold off, it’s important to find a way to protect that information. Unfortunately for criminals looking to loot your information, causing a commotion and preventing theft in the first place is at the heart of what Santosh Devaraj does. That’s because Mr. Devaraj is a certified expert when it comes to cybersecurity management and has assisted clients in private enterprise and government. When a client comes to Santosh Devaraj and his company, the programs they need for protection are up to them. If it’s a security assessment, your company’s security controls and risk management will be assessed and addressed. If retaining a company to provide managed services is more fitting, you’ll benefit from anomaly detection, security services and integrity monitoring among a dozen other offerings.

Why hire a company like the one Santosh Devaraj oversees? Let’s look to the consumer credit agency Experian as an example. According to a recent article from a Fox News affiliate in San Diego, this company allegedly failed to “tell its customers a security lapse had exposed their personal information to identity thieves and other criminals in the Dark Web.” The company is now the subject of a lawsuit filed by the city’s attorney, which states that information from more than 3 million accounts was illegally taken in 2015, including “consumers' social security numbers and credit card security codes.” Your company is facing a two-fold crisis when this type of information comes to light: A crisis of confidence from consumers and the fact that you now have to scramble to recover lost data. Santosh Devaraj knows that no company can constantly keep all bases covered when criminals are consistently looking for ways in, but his company can make this task much easier.

How can Santosh Devaraj make such promises? His professional training and educational background show that he has consistently worked toward improving offerings. Whether this means serving as internet security risk advisor to multiple organizations, researching cybercrime statistics and tactics or overseeing implementation of security solutions, Mr. Devaraj has worked tirelessly to help clients who trust his company with assisting their operations. As we can see from the Experian example above, failing to take these steps – and waiting years to reveal such news – is not going to look good in the long run.